Aims of Dyslexia Coaching

To understand your child's reading needs and offer them the right approach to support them

To use evidence based materials, methods and interventions exclusively

To draw on the latest training and development in literacy support

To offer you the highest level of professionalism throughout

Ways We Can Help

Wilson Just Word Reading ProgramTwo key features of the Wilson Program are the emphasis on teaching instructors, who do their program and the scientific way that the program has been developed.

Dyslexia CoachWe have been helping students at home with their reading for the last ten years, and registered Dyslexia Coaching Ireland nine years ago. During that time we have learnt first hand what supports students. This has helped us to develop the different levels of support you see here in Dyslexia Coaching.

Intervention  CoachSometimes learning to read is not just about learning to read. Pupils may have an underlying difficulty which may benefit from some support.

Home CoachIf you think that your child needs an individualised and integrated 1-1 approach from the outset, we will assess him/her and in consultation with you develop an individual Literacy Intervention Plan (iLIP).

What is reading? For me, it is not passive, it is active. It is the single most creative exercise you can do with your brain - right up there with writing. To think that you can take these black and white digits on a page and to somehow use them to create a world, for people, to interpet it, to define it and to inhabit it is such an extraordinary act of creativity. That's why some children don't just read books. They devour them !

Anthony Horowitz, Novelist

Listen to what we mean by this 

"Cormac" aged 7 reading from his favourite book "The BFG"


If you would like us to call you to explore how we can support your son or daughter, please send us your name, email & phone number using the form below or call us on 085 1086993



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