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Our role is to teach your child specialist areas of literacy support whilst empowering you to support your child in the week ahead. The decision to appoint a Dyslexia Coach at home is a serious time and financial commitment on your behalf and so to clarify procedures, the roles and responsibilities of both parties are outlined below:


What we offer:

  • a tailor-made Coaching Programme which is delivered at your home;
  • all teaching is done on a one to one basis with your child and family;
  • an individualised Dyslexia Coaching Pack is provided to each student;
  • appropriate research based resources; and,
  • high interest books to get your child reading.


What you can expect:

  • a weekly one hour coaching session in your home at a set time on a set day;
  • twenty four hours notice of any change to the timetable;
  • receptivity to your home environment and courteous behaviour;
  • a sensitive and reflective coach who listens to your child’s needs;
  • a professional special needs coach with an MEd or Advanced Diploma in Special Education;
  • the same coach throughout your child’s programme;
  • a commitment to your child’s programme for as long as you consider necessary;
  • tailor-made programmes to suit you child’s learning needs and style;
  • an active interest and participation in your child’s learning;
  • a selection of suitable books aimed at your child’s areas of interest;
  • support in how best to help your child; and,
  • technology and activities to optimise learning.


What we expect:

  • twenty four hours notice of a cancelled session. (if this is not possible the normal session fee applies);
  • a commitment from your child about their participation;
  • a learning atmosphere where feedback is positive and supportive at all times; and,
  • settlement of accounts on the final session of each month.




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