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We have been helping students at home with their reading for the last ten years, and registered Dyslexia Coaching Ireland nine years ago. During that time we have learnt first hand what supports students. This has helped us to develop the different levels of support you see here in Reading Fluently.  

Dyslexia Coach students are instructed in the Wilson Just Words Reading Program, just one of six recommended in the US 'No child left behind Legislation.' 

To learn more about the Wilson Just words program click here

Children are taught in Blackrock Co Dublin in groups of up to four. We run two groups, one for children aged eight/nine and one for children aged ten and over. All students receive Wilson course materials, are taught by a teacher qualified in special education and who has also been trained by The Wilson Foundation. 


Plus Access to Dyslexia Coaching Library

We have over 400 Barrington Stoke titles and use the latest library management facility called Libramatic. This software has been developed by an Irish start-up company. You subscribe to the library and get a card. This is scanned with a smart phone and the books you take (to a maximum of five) are scanned (using the ISBN) and set against your card.



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