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Although the English language is not consistent in the rules that it follows, eighty percent of the language does follow rules and can be directly taught. This is a research based word study program which shows students explicitly how the rules work and later in the program the exceptions to these rules are addressed.

The program is divided into 14 units. Each unit has ten individual lessons which take 30-45 minutes. Students are assessed and start the program using the Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency and the Word Indentification and Screening Test (WIST) to evaluate their learning needs and the best starting point for them.


Prior to starting each unit students are tested to see what they have remembered from previous units and what they know of upcoming units. Each unit also has a test at the end, so the instructor can evaluate learning and see if anything needs to be retaught. If a student attains 80% in these tests correct they are ready to progress to the next unit.  

Two key features of the Wilson Program are the emphasis on teaching instructors, who do their program and the scientific way that the program has been developed. Emphasis is put on letter sounds (phonemes) and how they combine in the six syllable types in English. Words are understood by the syllable types that they are made up of. In addition the rules of spelling using base words and suffixes are directly taught. For example, students will learn that the final consonant is doubled for the word win when adding a vowel suffix (winning) but not when adding a consonant suffix (winless). In this way, through the rigour of the program children learn to process words more quickly. The learning objectives for each unit are clearly laid out for the instructor. Unit lessons give an opportunity to reinforce and overlearn these in a multisensory way through listening, speaking, analysis of word structure, movement, writing and reading.wilson books

Students who study with Reading Fluently receive a Wilson Just Words Student folder which is shipped from the Wilson Foundation in the USA. This has three program books, a student notebook, a student challenge book and a student composition book. 

A one and a half hour group lesson with Reading Fluently includes two units of the Wilson Just Word Reading program followed by supervised and individual reading of Barrington Stoke readers. Each student reads individually to their coach who is listening out for reading fluency, reading comprehension and to assess the extent to which the learning from the program is being transferred to book reading. 





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