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A really popular book with our students. The Buddies are Shelley Devene, super positive teenager currently auditioning for her New York stage school, and Tommo, experiencing his parents' separation through endless grey days in London. Their differences are possibly part of the attraction and they begin to anticipate each others' letters. Buddies is part of the young fiction category with reading ages of seven and a half to eight and interest levels of between eight and twelve. 

A boy who is fearless; dead bodies swinging from trees; a cave of doom; and then things start to get really bad. An age appropriate horror story laced with humour, this is a very popular book. Part of the Reloaded Series, a genre of magic and mystery, with a reading age of around eight and an interest level of eleven and up.

Greg's sure he's the funniest and most popular guy in school. So why does everybody think he's stolen Tony Harris' mobile phone? But it can't be a set-up. After all, everybody loves him....don't they? He's going to need all his brains, and some help, to get him out of this one. Part of a very large collection of age appropriate fiction for older readers. For the full list in this collection see below.

A day out to the funfair starts out being fun, until the rollercoaster gets stuck, How will Dan and Lee sort this one out? Part of the GO! series of books. These have a reading age of around six but an interest age of more than nine. We have all of the books in the GO! series. They are a great way of building self confidence in older readers. GO! books are the start of the Barrington Stoke reading pathway.

Jelly and Bean books are written and hand drawn by Marlene Greenwood. There are over 120 titles in the series. We have them all and all the accompanying workbooks. They carefully and systematically follow the letter - sound correspondence principals of the synthetic phonic approach to reading. This series remain a classic and have been used time and time again to support younger children with their reading.

The After School Club is a gang of children united by their dress code of black leather jackets. Everyone thinks Lena, the gang leader is pretty, but some think that her gang is weird. Find out what happens to Sam when he is invited to join. The After School Club is part of a very helpful series of books which build confidence and really look and feel the part. The Solo collection has a reading age of six and a half and contains books that appeal to children from between eight to ten and ten to twelve. See below for our full listing of our Solo books. 

Another really popular book, Escape from Colditz is based on a true account of two Dutch Prisoners of War. Readers are introduced to the cast of prisoners and guards and a map of the Colditz Camp. Rewritten in a way that is accessible and of interest to young readers this is a great book and opens up lots of possibilities for further reading and research within the genre.

Escape From Colditz is part of the Reality check series. These address the need for non fiction in the Barrington Stoke list and are particularly popular with boys.

The German Army has invaded Russia. All the adults must go to war. Ivan and his sister and baby brother are on their in a city at war. No food, no hope? This is a wonderful account of the siege of Leningrad accessible to all readers. SIEGE! is part of the 4u2read books which have a reading age of around seven and an interest level of nine/ten upwards. For our full listing of these titles see below.

A childhood soft toy takes on freakish properties as the owner ages. Wreaking revenge on Robbie, Thing takes on a life of its own and becomes genuinely scary.  In response Robbie's plans for its removal get more and more complex. Thing bounces back more ragged and more scary each time. There is no "happily ever after" for Robbie with Thing around. Thing is part of the GR8 Reads series, horror books for teenagers with a reading age of eight.

Go Books - reading age 6. interest level 9+


Bad Luck

Dare You

Dead Man's Bend


Ghost in the House


Lights in the Mirror


Not a Good Look

Raft Rescue


Saving Stan

Shut Down

The Cliff

The Wrong Wheels


Up in Flames

Solo Books - reading age 6. interest level 8+


Eject Eject Eject Right Now

Extreme Race

Flash Flood


Killer Croc


Man Eater

Sink the Tirpitz

Snow Dogs

The Dancing Stones

The Dunkirk Escape

The Night Runner

They Shall Not Pass

Thin Ice

Under Cover of Darkness

United Here I Come

4uRead - reading age 6.5/7. interest level 8+

Best in the World

Cinder Alf

Dead Cool

Don't Go in the Cellar

Fox Friend

Friday Forever

Ghost for Sale

Grow up Dad


Into The Woods (Tribe)

Looking for Billie

Mad Iris

Pitt Street Pirates

Road Rage (Tribe)

Robin Hood all at Sea

Starship Rescue

Super Storm (Tribe)



Young Fiction - reading age 7.5-8. interest level 8+

A Dinosaur Ate My Sock

An Alien Ate Me for Breakfast

Aunt Bella's Cat

Best in the World

Billy the Squid

Catch a Gran

Dead Cooler


Game Boy Galactic

Game Boy Reloaded

Get That Ghost to Go

Jack and the Dragon's Tooth

King John and the Abbots


Lift Off

Living with Vampires

Mad Iris

Pom Pom


Non-Fiction and Fiction - reading age 8. interest level 8+

Arctic Hero


Black Death

Code Breakers

Con Men

Connor's Eco Den

Counting on Leroy

Crazy Creatures


Dead Man's Close

Dick Turpin


Emma Hittims

Escape from Colditz

Germ Wars


Harold Hardnut


Into the Storm

Killer Clone

Moving On

One Nil

Operation Hope

Pocket Hero

Rock God

Snow tigers

Space Age

The Day the Island Exploded

The Doomsday Virus

The Doomsday Watchers

The Greatest

The Land of Whizzing Arrows

The Last Duel

The Last Viking

The Number 7 Shirt

The Runaway Chair

The Three Legged Mummy

To the Extreme


Traitors Gate

Young Fiction - reading age 8+. interest level 10/11+

Are You Kidding


Bima and the Water of Life

Call of the Deep


Diary of an (Un)Teenager

Fire Mask

Letter from America

Mixed Up Madness

Ninja First Mission


Revenge of the Number Two


Shut It


Tam O'Shanter

The Cave

The Dying Photo

The Genie of Timbuktu

The Ghost of Shadow Vale

The Goblin of Tara

The Great Green Monster

The Jaws of Death

The Lambton Curse

The Lord of Fire

The Lord of Ice

The Lord of Tears

The Lord of the Mountain

The Lord of the Typhoon

The Magic Thief

The Mountains Blood

The Night of the Kelpies

The Robbers

The Secret Room

The Tale of Black-Eye Jack

The Vampire of Croglin

Thor and the Master of Magic

Under the Skin

Wanted Janosik

Ways to Trap a Yeti


GR8 Reads - reading age 7. interest level 13/14+


Alien Betrayal


Amir Khan


China Girl

Come on Danny




Hand of Blood


Ice Fall

Kiss of Death

Lewis Hamilton







Sachin Tendulkar



Sol Campbell


Steven Gerrard

The Beast


Two Words


Older Readers - reading age 9. interest level 15/16+

A Kind of Magic

A Lily A Rose

Ant God

Baby Baby

Bad Wedding

Before Night Falls

Bicycle Blues

Black Bones


Bomber Boys



Chocolate Moon

Cold Keep


Crazy Love

Crow Girl

Dade County's Big Summer


Devil for Sale

Double Vision

Dream On

Exit Oz

Finders Keepers


Free Runner

Funny Business


Getting Away With It


Grave Dirt


Hard Luck

How Embarrassing is That

I See You Baby

Johnny Delgado

Johnny Delgado Like Father Like Son

Just a Bit of Fun

Kelly Holmes

Kill Swamp

L.L Loser

Lets Do It

Lost in the Desert

Love Dad

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