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There are a large number of non-reading interventions available which claim to support reading. The difficulty they all face is a lack of clear unequivocal scientific proof that they work. That is not to say they don’t work and to use the old adage:


"absence of proof is not to be confused with proof of absence"


It is possibly fair to say that the three major difficulties that programs in this area need to overcome are:

  • lack of finance to pay for the type of survey required to substantiate claims
  • the holistic nature of many programs makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly what is being researched
  • children are open to lots of things over the duration of a program and it is far from straightforward to work out what is supporting their development.

Nonetheless, there is a growing professional body of evidence which seems to be pointing positively towards the efficacy of some programs and this evidence is gathering around the three we use at Reading Fluently.

These interventions are; The Listening Program with Bone ConductionThe Learning Breakthrough Program and Eye Level Reading Rulers.  We use these because over the years they seem to support the learning of our students and many parents have been very positive about the impact they have had on their child’s progress and development.



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