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The Learning Breakthrough Program was developed in the USA in the 1960’s by Frank Belgau. At the time he was a passionate and somewhat dissenting voice in the area of special education. Over the years he has developed and refined a program which has become a set of exercises completed on a balance board, at home twice a day for fifteen minutes over a twelve week period. Slowly his ideas have gained wider acceptance and have recently been supported by Dr Ed Hallowell, a specialist in the field of ADHD.  Some say that ideas behind the program may have been the inspiration for the Dore Program in the UK.

Dr Frank Belgau has shown that consistent and regular practise of these exercises help to develop neuroplasticity and can directly impact on the ability to process information, concentration and to read and write.

The protocols of the program do require students to demonstrate some self-discipline and parents need to make a quiet time available twice a day during the program. Parents of younger children 7-11 may also need to make themselves physically available to support their child. Families can choose to have weekly input from reading fluently during this time or can equally do the program independently.

Watch the video testimonial about the Learning Breakthrough program by Dr Hallowell leading specialist in learning below.





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